Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kim Soo Hyun made my day through Running Man! (Episode 147)

Last two week, I post an article about Running Man's guest on episode 147 (Running Man Episode 147 Guest).. There are Kim Shoo Hyun and  Lee Hyun Woo.. After it published on, I downloaded it and watched it with exciting feeling inside of my heart..  Well, along of the show, I just keep watching on Kim Soo Hyun.. HAHAHA!! There is a very hilarious episode of Running Man that I ever watch (I never skip an episode of Running Man from first episode until now)..

From the opening until the end of the show, I was laugh out loud until out of my breath because it was to funny.. Kim Soo Hyun being called Good Looking Stupid/Handsome Fool by Lee Kwang Soo because he was so handsome but weak in game.. Instead, he was so good in running.. I think, he was the first guest that best in running skill in Running Man..

He was called Handsome Fool by Lee Kwang Soo because of his 'winning reaction' after the PD told their duration in first game.. After that, he got embarrassed when he aware that their team lost.. hahaha!! He so cute! xD..

Monday Boyfriend, Gary got jealous while Song Ji Hyo share her towel with Kim Soo Hyun while they had been told to not show their 'muk jji ppa' game.. The funniest part while they doing this game is when they do the experiment of the soaked towel (throw the soaked towel to other members).. I think that towel os too thick so that when it getting soak, it will be heavy and when you throw that towel to your friend, he/she will be fall.. It's really good to use to prank someone..xD

While they plays the third game, Kim Soo Hyun had really unfortunate because he's run faster than other members but he never got first one to finish the game until he need to catch the chicken as the last mission of the game.. It's really funny when Yoo Jae Suk said "So the sun eventually embraced the chicken", according to Kim Soo Hyun as a 'Sun' in the drama Moon Embraced the Sun.. 

I'm really impress when they do the tug-of-war with more than 100 people involved.. It's really no joke! I'm very very veryyyy impressed!! It must tiring doing it with all that people.. 

AND of course I'm very sad when Kim Soo Hyun's team lost.. huhu T,T.. By the way, It's good to see Ji Suk Jin's team won in the game.. It's rare to see.. HAHAHA!!

Okay! This is all from me.. hehehe... daaaa.. Assalamualaikum :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Running Man Episode 147 Guest

OMG!! There are Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo as the guests of Running Man in Episode 147. I can't wait for them to be aired on Kshownow.Net!! Well, Thailand got to be a landmark for Running Man again. Why the Running Man team does not come to Malaysia?? Why Why WHYYYY??? 

Well, I'm really big fan on Kim Soo Hyun. I can't wait to see him on Running Man again after he appeared as a Boss Kim Soo Hyun on episode 102. And also, I wanna see 'The Gay and Charming Soccer Boy, Cha Eun Gyul' to be on Running Man (well, he played as Cha Eun Gyul in To The Beautiful You).

FYI, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo got cast together in a film called Secretly, Greatly that may be release on South Korea on 5 June 2013. Two of them with the other actor (Park Ki Woong) acted as the a group of spies from North Korea whose are sent to South Korea to do a mission. They disguise themselves as a fool (Kim Soo Hyun), a singer wannabe (Park Ki Woong) and a high schooler (Lee Hyun Woo).

Well, let's wait for those show and film together! Anyeong!! :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kim Soo Hyun

Again... I'm falling in love with Korean actor... Sorry Song Joong Ki, saya telah menduakan awak... bhahahahaha!!!

Kim Soo Hyun

Okey, dia takdelah hensem mane pon.. dah dah dahhh, jangan nak mengata.. Aku sepuk kang! Aku MINAT je kat dia, takdelah nak CINTA sangat kann.. Well, aku minat kat dia sejak aku tengok drama Dream High.. Asalnya dia cuma seorang pelakon je.. Tapi dalam drama tu, dia menunjukkan bakat terpendam bahawasanya dia boleh menyanyi dan menari! Suara dia memang superb! Tapi aku perhatikan, kalau dia menyanyi secara live, suara dia memang ke laut.. Banyak terkucil sana sini.. HAHAHA!!

Dalam cerita Moon Embracing the Sun, dia ada menyanyi OST untuk cerita tu.. Lagu The One and Only You pernah menduduki carta teratas dalam digital music Korea (kot).. 

Song Joong Ki

Sebelum ni aku minat kat Song Joong Ki sebab dia comel (kot).. Then, dia seorang yang bijak sebab dia dapat markah 380/400 untuk ujian kemasukkan universiti.. Kalau tengok dia, dia memang seorang yang menjaga kulit.. Kulit dia macam perempuan.. Gebu giller.. HAHAHA!!

Well, sekarang aku dah minat kat Kim Soo Hyun sebab ........ Entahlah.. nak kata hensem, hensem lagi Song Joong Ki kot.. Maybe sebab Kim Soo Hyun boleh menyanyi kot.. huhuhuhu... entahlahh.. BTW, aku bosan tengok dia asyik menangis je dalam cite Moon Embracing the Sun.. Cengeng betul jadi raja!

---> Bila mata dah selalu sangat hadap lelaki-lelaki Korea, bila tengok lelaki Melayu, tetiba terasa hodoh pulak mereka.. hohoo.. jangan marah ye abang-abang sekalian.. Walaubagaimanapun, lelaki Melayu tetap lelaki sejati dan tak cengeng! hehehe :)