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The Good Things about Korean's Variety Shows


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone..!!
Today, I would like to discuss about The Good Things about Korean's Variety Shows..
I am from Malaysia and I am a Malay.. But I love to watching Korean's shows like dramas and variety shows than Malaysian's shows.. It's not that I wants to talk about the bad things to Malaysian's shows.. It's just, I want to express my thought about Korean's shows.. 

First, I want to tells that I majored in Multimedia field which I had learning about animations, videos, graphics and I had learning some about system of computers too.. I also learned about how to make the good multimedia products that can attract people's interest in our products.. So, what do yo think? I give you an example.. Let says I give you two posters.. 1st poster is a picture of a man standing still with a white wall as the background.. 2nd poster is a picture of a man standing still with the text above him and some designed wall background behind him (I don't have enough time create the posters, sorry).. So, which are between this two posters that can attract you to see?? Yes! The second poster!

So, what do you think if I saying that I attracted to watch Korean's  variety shows?? It is because they has some text to explain the situation and their thoughts on the screen! They also adding some animation and effects to give more impacts and make more laughter to the audiences.. Sometimes those things like text and animation can make the audiences feel exciting and sometimes it also can make the audiences feel touched.. I think, all of the variety shows in Korea has this kind of attraction to get more audiences all over the world. I believe that there is not just Korean people whose are watching their own programs, all over the world has watching them.. Isn't it?? 

Runniman Man
Beside of that, the the program's entertainer's spontaneous behavior also can attract the people to watch them.. What you're watched in Korean's variety shows, it's not an act! They're just following what the director instructed them to do as the tasks, but they're talking and acting on the show as just naturally and spontaneous.. Sometimes, when I watch them, I can feel their sincerity, warm, and caring toward each other..

Family Outing Season 1
Whenever or whatever shows that I watch, I will enjoy myself.. I don't care what kind of them, I just enjoyed all of them.. I can't tell which is the best.. I think, all of them has their strength and weakness by themselves.. But still, they're so interesting! I like the way of the cameramen shoot the footage and they're also installed many cameras on the location of filming so that they can has the footage from every angles.. I can't tell how many cameras that they're used for one shows.. Maybe over 100 cameras.. And I also like how the editor made the replaying some of the scene to show the reactions of the celebrity or to highlighted the funny scene to make the satisfying for the audiences.. I thinks, that's all is needed in producing of variety show.. 

Some scene in RM that used many cameras for every angles
All of the Korean's variety show has different types of story/mission.. Most of them are challenging and need to be preparing mental and physical for the celebrity whose are joint it.. Some of the variety show need to be filming for 4 months for just one mission! It's kind of too long and tiring but the responses from the audiences are really impressive.. The positives side for this kind of shows is all the celebrities are needed to focus for the mission even they're also has another scheduled to attend.. And this kind of shows are not just for humor, but also can make the audiences feel nervous and flutter.. And they're also can watch their favorite celebrity 'flying in the air' powerfully to show off their charms.. 

Barefoot Friends (Diving Competition)
Cool Kiz On the Block (Basketball)
As examples, I like Running Man because in the show, they will playing games as their mission. But to complete the mission, they need to compete each other and running everywhere, using their head and body to accomplish the mission and retrieve the present.. I also watched Family Outing and loved them because all the celebrity on the show acted as a family.. They need to do the chores that leave behind by the older, and they're also need to cook to feed themselves.. They're also playing some games to make the show more fun and interesting.. And lately, I've been watching Hello Counselor.. This show is a talk show with an emphasis on people and their stories.. From stories about the daily lives of regular people regardless of their age or gender, to concerns that are too embarrassing to reveal! The purpose of this program is to help take down communication barriers by sharing stories about life.. This program brought laughter to me and move my heart and sometimes I also crying because the story-tellers is so sad and pity.. 

I think, my thought of 'The Good Things about Korean's Variety Shows' is end here.. And my wish for Malaysian's film production company will produce the variety shows just like Korean's so that I will watching them happily without any regret.. FYI, I'm not interested at all of Malaysian's variety shows.. Please, just try producing one show.. Even though there will cost a lot of money, but it will be worth if you put so much effort on it because the people will watch it love it.. And please, attract me to watch Malaysian's shows so that I wouldn't watching foreign's shows anymore.. 

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Five Fingers (2012) (Korean Drama) [REVIEW]

Casts :-

The story began about 14 years ago when Yoo Man Se (Jo Min Ki) brought Yoo Ji Ho (Kang Lee Suk) into his house and registered him in his household. Yoo Man Se intoducing Yoo Ji Ho as his older son to his wife, Chae Young Rang (Chae Shi Ra), and his mother. Yoo Man Se told his wife to take care of Yoo Ji Ho as she take care of her son, Yoo In Ha (Kim Ji Hoon). But she refused him because she think that her husband is cheating behind her and backstabbed her. But Yoo Man Se know that Chae Young Rang betraying and cheating on him as she was study aboard and force her to take of Yoo Ji Ho like her own child so that she can feel how he felt. 

Chae Young Rang forcefully acting as a good mother to Yoo Ji Ho and that made Yoo In Ha feel irritated to Yoo Ji Ho and disappointed to his mother because he believe that his mother love Yoo Ji Ho more than him. The fact that Yoo Ji Ho has absolute pitch and genius in music made Yoo In Ha feel jealous and more irritated toward Yoo Ji Ho. As Yoo Man Se notices that fact, he registered Yoo Ji Ho in piano competition in their school. Yoo In Ha accidently hurt his hand and give up upon the competition. Yoo Ji Ho persuaded Yoo In Ha to compete in the competition. As the day of competition is nearing, Yoo In Ha's hand become better and healed fully. But he deliberately never take off the cast of his hand so that he can perform on the stage and winning the competition with his disability hand. But then, Yoo Man Se noticed that Yoo In Ha lied and scolding him.

Chae Young Rang can't accept what her husband did to their son and promises that she will seek revenge for his own son as Yoo Man Se gave all his wealthy including all his shares and company to his older son. Chae Young Rang pushing Yoo Man Se as hard as she can while she try to self defense but unfortunately Yoo Man Se's head bump to the corner of the desk and fall unconscious. That time, the house is burning. Chae Young Rang hurriedly teared up the will, cut the telephone cable and trying to save Yoo In Ha. But she mistakenly Yoo Ji Ho as Yoo In Ha because Yoo Ji Ho is wearing the pajamas that she gave to Yoo In Ha. In the same time, Yoo Man Se's mother running to Hong Soo Pyo (pancake seller) to begging help from him to save her son and grandsons. So, Hong Soo Pyo broke into the house and covered Yoo In Ha from the falling  chandelier. Hong Soo Pyo died and Yoo In Ha is safe but injured badly. Yoo Man Se also died. Chae Young Rang wants to cover her crime for killing her husband. As Hong Soo Pyo found in her house, she falsely accused Hong Soo Pyo as a robber and a killer. Hong Soo Pyo's family dumbfounded and tries to approve that Hong Soo Pyo falsely accused. But they lacks of evidence so that they never can approve Hong Soo Pyo as innocent.

After 14 years, Chae Young Rang became the president for Boosung Group and promises to develop the masterpiece piano as same as the last present from Yoo Man Se to her. Yoo Ji Ho (Ju Ji Hoon) still believes that Chae Young Rang love him very much and he also love his mother and his brother. For Yoo Ji Ho, his family means everything to him. He once promised to his late father that he will never make his brother crying. But for Yoo In Ha (Ji Chang Wook), Chae Young Rang loves Yoo Ji Hoo more than himself because of the fire incident that cause Chae Young Rang mistakenly saved Yoo Ji Ho. Yoo In Ha believes that Yoo Ji Ho steal everything from him. So that, he wants to take back that was meant for him from Yoo Ji Ho and he also playing dirty trick to make Yoo Ji Ho fall. Chae Young Rang also show her true color to Yoo Ji Ho and take side to Yoo In Ha and support him until the end.

Hong's family, Hong Woo Jin (Jung Eun Woo), Hong Da Mi (Jin Se Yeon), Song Nam Ju (Hong Soo Pyo's wife), still wandering to find any evidence to make a re-investigating on Hong So Pyo's case. Hong Woo Jin purposely drop from his medical study to join a company called Keumdan Construction to take revenge on Boosung Group. The CEO of the company, Kim Jong Wook or Elvin Kim hired Hong Woo Jin because he also has the same goal as Hong Woo Jin. This is because, Chae Young Rang betrayed him and once tried to kill him by burning his house. In the same time, Yoo Ji Ho dating Hong Da Mi and it's made Yoo In Ha feel more irritated because he also like Hong Da Mi. Because of that, Yoo In Ha push Yoo Ji Ho to the bottom as a plagiarism so that Yoo Ji Ho can never composed and plays the piano.

In the company, Yoo Ji Ho and Yoo In Ha compete each other to develop the masterpiece piano. Yoo Ji Ho promises will give up of his position in the company and all his shares to Yoo In Ha if he fail to develop the masterpiece piano in 6 months. The very last will of Yoo Man Se to his sons was the woods which is to make the spruce and a construction note of the piano. Yoo In Ha and Yoo Ji Ho both got one key each to the woods and a construction note. But, Yoo In Ha steal Yoo Ji Ho's key and found the note by himself. Yoo In Ha succeed  in making the masterpiece piano, Yoo Ji Ho getting chased out from the company. 

Yoo Ji Ho found out that Hong Da Mi was Hong Soo Pyo's daughter and force himself to stop dating her because he doesn't wants Hong Da Mi getting hurt because of him. Hong Woo Jin revealed to Yoo Ji Ho about Yoo Man Se's death. Yoo Ji Ho starts to finding the truth behind Yoo Man Se's death and also wants to finding the evidence to clear Hong Soo Pyo's charge. Hong Woo Jin has the biggest evidences (recoder that recorded witness's voice and Chae Young Rang's cloth with stained blood) and confront Chae Young Rang in a construction site. Yoo In Ha silently following Chae Young Rang to the construction site to confront Hong Woo Jin. But the situation become tense when Hong Woo Jin grab Chae Young Rang by the neck. Yoo In Ha wants to protect his mother from Hong Woo Jin and he push Hong Woo Jin as hard as he can and Hong Woo Jin fall on the glass and dying. Chae Young Rang remove all the proof and clear all the finger prints and call Yoo Ji Ho to the site and make him falsely accused as Hong Woo Jin's murderer. And this is made Yoo Ji Ho see Chae Young Rang and Yoo In Ha with hatred. In the hospital, Hong Woo Jin wake up after getting an operation. Chae Young Rang sent a man to take off Hong Woo Jin's oxygen respirator to kill him. And he died.

As the lack of the evidence, Yoo Ji Ho getting out from the police station and drive out from the country by Chae Young Rang. Yoo Ji Ho turn back because he doesn't wants to leave but got capture by Kim Jong Wook because Kim Jong Wook believe that Yoo Ji Ho killed Hong Woo Jin because the man who takes off the oxygen respirator told him that Yoo Ji Ho who are ordered him. After that, the man told him that Yoo Ji Ho did not ordering him. He was ordered by Secretary Oh, Chae Young Rang's right arm.

After a year, Yoo Ji Ho come back to his family with fully prepared to start the fight with Chae Young Rang and Yoo In Ha. He wants to make Boosung Group fall and bankrupt and decided to take back the Boosung Group through Glory Instrument company and the help of Kim Jong Wook. Hong Woo Jin's death was re-investigating again. All the  remaining evidence was send to the police station. The first trial, when all the evidences striking back to Yoo Ji Ho, a man with mask appeared. It revealed that he was Hong Woo Jin. He still alive because Kim Jong Wook managed to 'hide' him before that man take off the oxygen mask. Hong's Family feel betrayed because Kim Jong Wook never tell them about Hong Woo Jin is still alive.

Na Gye Hwa (Cha Hwa Yoen) revealed to Chae Young Rang that her older child with Kim Jong Wook is still alive. Chae Young Rang and Kim Jong Wook start to finding their child. Na Gye Hwa felt something strange on Yoo Ji Ho. Yoo Ji Ho told her that he can't eat spinach because of the allergy and Chae Young Rang also allergy with spinach. After investigating and asking everywhere, she finally make DNA test on Yoo Ji Ho and Chae Young Rang teeth brush and the result is 99.9% parents and child. When Chae Young Rang know the truth, she decided to make it secret. Yoo In Ha heard a conservation between Chae Young Rang and Na Gye Hwa and knowing that Yoo Ji Ho is not his father's child. He went to Yoo Ji Ho and told him about that. Everyone believe that Yoo Man Se brought Yoo Ji Ho into his house is wanted to make his wife hating her own son and make them hating each other and suffering like him.

Yoo Ji Ho and Hong Da Mi whose are barely hold each other again after the trial, but they are separated again after he know the truth  about his biological mother is Chae Young Rang. Yoo Ji Ho become heartless and still wants to continue to take back the company and revenge. As long as his mother never say sorry to him, he will never look back and stop. The trial result is pointed to Chae Young Rang and Yoo In Ha is fault and will to imprisonment for 1 year. Yoo Ji Ho succeed take back the company. Attorney Choi felt irritated because as long as 20 years he worked in Boosung Group, he didn't get anything as compensation. He abducted Yoo Ji Ho and calling Chae Young Rang to give him money if she want to save her son. Chae Young Rang came but she fail to bring the money because she doesn't have enough money. While the situation getting tense, Chae Young Rang cover Yoo Ji Ho when Attorney Choi want to hit him with a stick. She collapse and hurt his optical nerve. It is prove that Chae Young Rang love Yoo Ji Ho as much as she love Yoo In Ha but she never say that in-front of Yoo Ji Ho because of her pride.

Chae Young Rang become blind. Yoo In Ha was send to prison. Chae Young Rang run away to the island which is place that Yoo Ji Ho stayed before. After 1 year, Yoo In Ha came out from the prison and he become good with Yoo Ji Ho. They are searching their mother together and found her. However, Chae Young Rang don't want to come back and wants to stay there because she doesn't want to suffer her children anymore. Yoo Ji Ho give back the company to Yoo In Ha and going to continue his study in Germany. He sees her mother for the last time before he leave. However, Chae Young Rang fall by the cliff when she try to chased Yoo Ji Ho with her blind eyes. And she dead after she heard the word 'mom' from Yoo Ji Ho over the phone on her last breath. After 3 years, Yoo Ji Ho back to Korea and have a duet piano performance with Yoo In Ha on the stage.


Review -
On the first episode, Yoo In Ha and Yoo Ji Ho had a duet performance on the stage but then, Yoo Ji Ho came back home and burn the house and leave his mother alone in the house while she's screaming scarily. In the first moments, I thought this series not interesting at all. I kept this drama in my hard disk for a long time and once deleted it. But then, I retrieved it again and watch it. But yeah, I addicted on this drama!! After the house is burning and Chae Young Rang screaming loudly, the scene change to 14 years ago in the deserted island where Yoo Ji Ho running from home because the grandmother don't want to cook delicious meal to him. When the grandmother died, Yoo Man Se brought Yoo Ji Ho and declare himself as Yoo Ji Ho's father and will protect him until the end. At Yoo Man Se's house, I thought Chae Young Rang really love Yoo Ji Ho because she always take side of Yoo Ji Ho rather than Yo In Ha's side even though he is his own child. After the piano competition, it shows that Chae Young Rang really hate Yoo Ji Ho and in the scene shows that Chae Young Rang bribed the judges to make his son win. But Yoo Ji Ho called Chae Young Rang with the word 'mom' for the first time in his life. He love Chae Young Rang as she is his real mother. And I really touched when see the sweet moments of Hong Soo Pyo with his wife. Even though he deaf and mute, he shows that they were really happy with his poor life. Yoo Man Se's mother also like Hong's Family because Hong Soo Pyo gave her the hot pancake that he sell on the street.

I hate Yo In Ha because he is very mean to Yoo Ji ho. But I know, deep in his heart, he pity Yoo Ji Ho. When Yoo Man Se prepared the birthday party for Yoo Ji Ho, Yoo In Ha personally give Yoo Ji Ho a present that he got from Che Young Rang because Yoo Ji Ho give him a record the their mother treasure the most. And Yoo In Ha also allowed Yoo Ji Ho to shared his bed with him while Yoo Ji Ho scared of the lightning. When the house is burning, I am touching when Hong Soo Pyo covered Yoo In Ha from the falling chandelier and died. And I feel sad when Yoo Ji Ho screaming call his dad when the fire fighters brought his dad out from the house.

After 14 years, Yoo In Ha came back from the overseas and he shows that he is really hate Yoo Ji Ho and his mother because he never forget the night when the house is burning because his mother mistakenly Yoo Ji Ho as Yoo In Ha. Yoo In Ha hurt badly and can't use his pinky finger anymore. But he never stop to plays the piano with his nine fingers. I'm amazed!!

After this and that, Yoo In Ha acts more mean to Yoo Ji Ho. I really hate him and Chae Young Rang. They deceived Yoo Ji Ho because they wants to take all the things that Yoo Ji Ho has. When I saw Yoo Ji Ho crying pitifully, I also cries. In the same time, I feel many feelings along I watch this drama. When the times Chae Young Rang falsely accused Yoo Ji Ho as Hong Woo Hin's murderer, I don't know how many tears that I drop. Its really unfair to him!! Furthermore when Kim Jong Wook chased him a hit him until his face was  full of blood. I unconsciously said "please stop hit him" while crying.

But the sad moment when Chae Young Rang knows the truth about Yoo Ji Ho is her own child with Kim Jong Wook. She shows that she really love her but she can't talk because she know it will hurt him. She know that Yoo Ji Ho will never except the fact that he is not his father's son. When she became blind, she cooks and prepared the a gift for Yoo Ji Ho for his birthday. But Yoo Ji Ho don't want to be the part of her family anymore. But, deep in his heart, he wants her mother say sorry to him and says love him. I feel pity on Chae Young Rang and crying for her. I also cry when Yoo In Ha saw her mother read the reverse newspaper and he cry soundly.

But the saddest moment is when Yoo Ji Ho leave for study. He don't want Yoo In Ha follows him to airport and Yoo In Ha finally says sorry to his brother with tears. Yoo Ji Ho said to him that there are don't need to sorry between brothers. Yoo Ji Ho go to sees his mother for the last time on the island. He prepared a meal for his mother. When the time comes for Yoo Ji Ho to leave, he look into deep on his mother eyes and wants to hear a soft and warm word from his mother. But as the same, Chae Young Rang never say it. Yoo Ji Ho leave with heavy heart and cry soundly. Chae Young Rang cry heavily and went to chasing Yoo Ji Ho's car. She's regret it and says sorry to Yoo Ji Ho. But she lose her way and straight go to the cliff and fall by herself. I'm crying non-stop with the thought of Yoo Ji Ho is so pity because he will never heard again the warm words from his mother. Chae Young Rang died when she heard the word 'mom' from Yoo Ji Ho over the phone on her last breath.

In the airport, Hong Da Mi come to see Yoo Ji Ho for the last time. But she still standing from afar and turn her back without says any word to Yoo Ji Ho. Yoo Ji Ho leaves without knowing that his mother is dead already.

I wish for the happy ending for this series. But it never give me the 'happy-ending' feeling. What happens to Hong Da Mi after that?? And why Yoo Ji Ho bumps with the Hong Da Mi's younger version?? The drama close when Yoo Ji Ho and Yoo In Ha plays piano as duet on the stage. I really wants to see Hong Da Mi and Yoo Ji Ho get back together and Yoo In Ha succeed in his career and have a sweet wedding with Ha So Yool. The production team should doing one more episode to answering of all the question behind and make more happy feeling to Yoo Ji Ho as he is never get happy before. But still, this drama is good and best by itself. I rate 3.9/5 for this drama!

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Hari ni dah masuk hari ketiga pesawat Mas MH370 hilang tanpa khabar berita..
Walaupun misi mencari dari pelbagai negara dengan teknologi yg canggih, tapi kelibat MH370 masih tetap tidak kelihatan.. 
Dimanakah dikau wahai MH370??

Aku terbaca satu tweet dari artis nasyid, Hafiz Hamidun, yang berbunyi :

Kenyataan yang dia tweet tu membuatkan aku terfikir ada benarnya jugak apa yg dia cakapkan..
"Kehilangan tanpa berita itu ternyata lebih menyayat hati dari pemergian yang dapat dilihat dengan mata"..
Bagi aku, jika kita melihat seseorang pergi di depan mata kita, kita akan merasa ngilunya cuma sementara.. Selebihnya, sakit yg kita rasa hanya bila kita teringat dan terkenangkan seseorang yang pergi itu..
Tetapi, kehilangan tanpa berita itu membuatkan kita terasa ngilu sepanjang pemergiannya sehinggalah kita mendengar khabar darinya.. 

Insya'ALlah, dengan usaha yang gigih dari pelbagai negara yang sudi membantu, Mas MH370 pasti akan ditemui.. 

Ya Allah, jika ia di awanan, Kau turunkanlah ia ke darat..
Jika ia di dalam lautan, Kau timbulkanlah ia..
Jika ia di daratan, Kau tunjukkanlah ia..
Berikanlah kami petunjuk agar pesawat MH370 dan para penumpangnya ditemui..
Amin ya rabbal alamin..