Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm Pregnant.. but....

After came back from clinic last week, my pain became severe..
The pain is actually came from my left shoulder, not my chest..
I can't breath properly because breathing make it more pain..
I can't laugh, breath heavily, lying down or do active work..
Sometimes I can't move my left hand because it is so hurt.. and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because it is so hurt and I started to cry.. I can't hold this pain anymore..
I went to the clinic again yesterday.. I told the doctor about how i felt..
The doctor's face changed..
She continue with the scan..
And what she saw is the 'kantung' is there but there's no baby inside..
Atau lebih dikenali sebagai 'kandungan yang tak menjadi'..
The doctor told me to go to the hospital for fully check-up.. and I was like, "owhh okay.. thank you doctor.."
I seriously don't know what to do about my baby since I'm not ready for anything of 'unfortunate' things.. I just keep being positive and thought that it is too early to make any assumption..
I don't know about my feeling.. I'm not sad, disappointed, worried or else..
What I feel is the pain in my shoulder that make me sick..
The doctor gave me Folic Acid since I'm not consume any supplement to support my pregnancy..
And I hope my pain will go away..

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Am I Pregnant??

I'm feeling very sick today..
I'm feeling pain in my chest..
I'd look very tired at work..
Everyone at work asked me, "Intan pregnant ke?"
And I clearly said "No.."
Because I don't feel anything like vomit, dizzy, morning sickness and so on..
I just feeling pain in my chest.. that's all..
And I just went to clinic a while ago because I wish to get MC tomorrow..
The doctor asked me to take UPT test.. And guess what?
The doctor said that I'm about 6 weeks pregnant..
And now I'm confused..
How come I got pregnant when my last period is in early December and I got married in the end of December?? And my period is still didn't come until now..
It is mean my last ovulation is before I got married..
Is the ovulation can happen when period don't come?
But I really hope that I'm really pregnant and I will think that it is a miracle!!