Monday, February 10, 2014

English Class and Mat Luthfi

I have a story to tell..
The story began in class of Technical English..
Our very first class after 3 weeks we patiently waiting for the lecturer to come..
We waiting and finally he came..

After he says a few things about this and that..
He starts the lecturing officially after about 20 minutes..

The lecture begin with a presentation..
The presentation is about we introduce our friends to him..
And he listed the things that we need to talk about our friends..

The last thing that he listed on the whiteboard is..
"Who is your friend's Malaysian Idol.. and why..??"

Suddenly I'm thinking..
'Who is my idol?'
Because I don't have any idol in my life..
I just wanna be myself without copying anyone..

Then, suddenly he pop-up in my head..

The he who was a vlogger..
The he who is looks funny and friendly..
The he who is young but has a big heart to give the inspirations for the young generations..
The he who is always saying the meaningful sentences in funny ways..
The he who is always giving support and motivations for the teenager..
The he who is an idol for those whose are inspired by him..
And, the he who is ever making me to be like him..

And he is who I selected to be my idol..

But, who he is??

He is Mat Luthfi..

The one that once stealing my heart..

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