Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Good Things about Korean's Variety Shows


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone..!!
Today, I would like to discuss about The Good Things about Korean's Variety Shows..
I am from Malaysia and I am a Malay.. But I love to watching Korean's shows like dramas and variety shows than Malaysian's shows.. It's not that I wants to talk about the bad things to Malaysian's shows.. It's just, I want to express my thought about Korean's shows.. 

First, I want to tells that I majored in Multimedia field which I had learning about animations, videos, graphics and I had learning some about system of computers too.. I also learned about how to make the good multimedia products that can attract people's interest in our products.. So, what do yo think? I give you an example.. Let says I give you two posters.. 1st poster is a picture of a man standing still with a white wall as the background.. 2nd poster is a picture of a man standing still with the text above him and some designed wall background behind him (I don't have enough time create the posters, sorry).. So, which are between this two posters that can attract you to see?? Yes! The second poster!

So, what do you think if I saying that I attracted to watch Korean's  variety shows?? It is because they has some text to explain the situation and their thoughts on the screen! They also adding some animation and effects to give more impacts and make more laughter to the audiences.. Sometimes those things like text and animation can make the audiences feel exciting and sometimes it also can make the audiences feel touched.. I think, all of the variety shows in Korea has this kind of attraction to get more audiences all over the world. I believe that there is not just Korean people whose are watching their own programs, all over the world has watching them.. Isn't it?? 

Runniman Man
Beside of that, the the program's entertainer's spontaneous behavior also can attract the people to watch them.. What you're watched in Korean's variety shows, it's not an act! They're just following what the director instructed them to do as the tasks, but they're talking and acting on the show as just naturally and spontaneous.. Sometimes, when I watch them, I can feel their sincerity, warm, and caring toward each other..

Family Outing Season 1
Whenever or whatever shows that I watch, I will enjoy myself.. I don't care what kind of them, I just enjoyed all of them.. I can't tell which is the best.. I think, all of them has their strength and weakness by themselves.. But still, they're so interesting! I like the way of the cameramen shoot the footage and they're also installed many cameras on the location of filming so that they can has the footage from every angles.. I can't tell how many cameras that they're used for one shows.. Maybe over 100 cameras.. And I also like how the editor made the replaying some of the scene to show the reactions of the celebrity or to highlighted the funny scene to make the satisfying for the audiences.. I thinks, that's all is needed in producing of variety show.. 

Some scene in RM that used many cameras for every angles
All of the Korean's variety show has different types of story/mission.. Most of them are challenging and need to be preparing mental and physical for the celebrity whose are joint it.. Some of the variety show need to be filming for 4 months for just one mission! It's kind of too long and tiring but the responses from the audiences are really impressive.. The positives side for this kind of shows is all the celebrities are needed to focus for the mission even they're also has another scheduled to attend.. And this kind of shows are not just for humor, but also can make the audiences feel nervous and flutter.. And they're also can watch their favorite celebrity 'flying in the air' powerfully to show off their charms.. 

Barefoot Friends (Diving Competition)
Cool Kiz On the Block (Basketball)
As examples, I like Running Man because in the show, they will playing games as their mission. But to complete the mission, they need to compete each other and running everywhere, using their head and body to accomplish the mission and retrieve the present.. I also watched Family Outing and loved them because all the celebrity on the show acted as a family.. They need to do the chores that leave behind by the older, and they're also need to cook to feed themselves.. They're also playing some games to make the show more fun and interesting.. And lately, I've been watching Hello Counselor.. This show is a talk show with an emphasis on people and their stories.. From stories about the daily lives of regular people regardless of their age or gender, to concerns that are too embarrassing to reveal! The purpose of this program is to help take down communication barriers by sharing stories about life.. This program brought laughter to me and move my heart and sometimes I also crying because the story-tellers is so sad and pity.. 

I think, my thought of 'The Good Things about Korean's Variety Shows' is end here.. And my wish for Malaysian's film production company will produce the variety shows just like Korean's so that I will watching them happily without any regret.. FYI, I'm not interested at all of Malaysian's variety shows.. Please, just try producing one show.. Even though there will cost a lot of money, but it will be worth if you put so much effort on it because the people will watch it love it.. And please, attract me to watch Malaysian's shows so that I wouldn't watching foreign's shows anymore.. 

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