Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Me VS The Real Me

The picture above shows that I look naughty in glasses while look very feminine in bare eyes.. hahaha..
Well, actually I'm not the type of 'cute girl' what-so-ever..
I mean that! 
Just say that I'm the ugliest among my friends..

Glasses and me is not very friendly..
I look old when I'm wearing the glasses..
But, I cannot see clearly if I'm not wearing the glasses.. everything looks blur to me.. haha
I used to wear contact lenses.. 
And also I'm not friendly with them.. because, for me is not easy to take care the contact lenses compare to glasses.. which is I need to buy its own resolution water to clean it and soak it in.. I should clean it after I used it and keep in its special box.. if I want to sleep, I need to take out of it and clean it again.. I cannot let my eyes be dry, if not it will irritates my eyes.. and also bla bla blaaa...pffttt.. 
I just used it for just 3 months.. itupun sebab aku beli yang promotion 3 pasang sekaligus sebab nak dapatkan harga murah.. sepasang guna sebulan..

But, if I go out on date or going to holiday or go to shopping complex, I would not wearing glasses..
Because I looks pretty and young when I'm not wearing them.. hehehe
My face is smaller than you saw on the picture.. so glasses will make my scarf looks kembang and selekeh..
I hate wearing glasses.. but I have to.. T,T

The conlusion is, I just looks ugly when I in the university and going to pasar..
And look pretty when I going outside..

So, which is the REAL ME??

Well, you will know if you come into my room and see my dekstop.. ^^

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