Sunday, February 1, 2015

Silent Fart

A few weeks ago, I went to EON Rawang to do some business..
The road from UNISEL to Rawang is so 'curly' and 'snaky' and there also has the groups of monkeys which is waiting to get food from the kind-hearted car's drivers..
Because of its the first time I drive to Rawang, so I brought a friend to accompany me..
When I'm done with the business, I went back to UNISEL..
As usual, I open MP3 from my smartphone and start singing.. It is because my car doesn't have a radio.. well, old car.. haha
Then suddenly my car filled with smelly odor..
I'm confident that the odor is a gas that came from the large intestine..
Its make my singing stop..
My breath became short..
My eyes start to look everywhere while my brain forced to be focus..
There are only me and my friend in the car.. Just two of us..
I'm confidently said that I'm not the one who release the gas..
So I suspected that its my friend..
I know he smell the same odor..
But he doesn't say anything..
But he just keep silent and looking forward with his poker-face.. like nothing happen..
That time, I had a very complicated decision in my life.. it is whether to open the window or not.. also can I just shout to him "Woiiii kau kentot!!!" or not..
I don't want he to be embarrass..
After a long time, when the odor fading away.. I made wise decision which is to not open the window and just remain silent..
So I just keep driving and start singing slowly..
Then, when the odor completely dissappear, he ask me...

He: Intan.. kau penah dengar lagu Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk tak??
Me: tak..

Then, he closed my MP3 and play the song through his phone..
He so not gentleman..
Kalau dah tau yang kau nak kentut, cakap je la nak kentut.. boleh aku bukak tingkap beso-beso..
Ni tak.. main lepas je.. lepas tu buat tak tau..
Separuh mati aku dok menahan bau isi perut kau..
Bau haram kau tau!!

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