Thursday, February 9, 2017

Am I Pregnant??

I'm feeling very sick today..
I'm feeling pain in my chest..
I'd look very tired at work..
Everyone at work asked me, "Intan pregnant ke?"
And I clearly said "No.."
Because I don't feel anything like vomit, dizzy, morning sickness and so on..
I just feeling pain in my chest.. that's all..
And I just went to clinic a while ago because I wish to get MC tomorrow..
The doctor asked me to take UPT test.. And guess what?
The doctor said that I'm about 6 weeks pregnant..
And now I'm confused..
How come I got pregnant when my last period is in early December and I got married in the end of December?? And my period is still didn't come until now..
It is mean my last ovulation is before I got married..
Is the ovulation can happen when period don't come?
But I really hope that I'm really pregnant and I will think that it is a miracle!!

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