Sunday, November 24, 2013

Goodbye.. HERO..

Well, actually I've nothing to say.. 
Just startle a little bit about this news..
But still, I don't know what to say..

HERO is a lovely male cat that all of us, Malaysian, know.. We acknowledged him because of his cut-off-front-legs story and made the world known about him.. I used to follow his story from his owner's blog, PAPA HERO, and made me realize about the loves of 'human-to-cat' and 'cat-to-human'..

I also had a cat which her back leg is cutoff because of an accident.. I treat her like PH treat HERO.. I know the feel of taking care of disability cats from their wound is still bleeding until the wound are not being seen.. Since they are just laying down until they can run and jumping in every corner of the house.. Yes, I know that feeling..

My tears falling down as I saw this picture.. The caption was, "This was the last time I hug you, HERO.. I will remember you forever and ever.."
Me also.. Will remember you HERO..

Goodbye.. our HERO..

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